Social Media Marketing for starters

Build a powerful social media presence from a scratch

"We don't have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is: how well we do it?”

— Erik Qualman

Social Media Marketing For Starters is a free online course that will introduce you to the most popular social media and the best ways how to use them if you're a freelancer, creative entrepreneur or you're looking forward to establishing your presence in online world. In the first round this course gathered more than 1K students who were excited to learn these fast and easy tactics to make a powerful decisions on SMM and build a strong marketing strategy.

After few fast and simple lessons you will know:

  • What are the most popular social media currently;
  • How creative entrepreneurs use social media to build their empires;
  • Which social media will your business most benefit from;
  • How to get started and be successful within first few weeks!

Your Instructor

Ieva Laicane
Ieva Laicane

My name is Ieva! I'm a graphic designer, digital marketer and passionate digital nomad. I started right out of high school when I found my passion in traveling and knew that it's something I want to be doing all the time. After taking on different job offers through the Europe, I finally admitted - having a normal job is not my thing. I needed the freedom to travel, to share my creativity and to work with clients I want to be working with the most. That's how I found out about freelancing, learned graphic design from zero and built my own successful freelance business.

Now I help aspiring digital nomads and new freelancers by creating a helpful content day in and day out. I write weekly blog about topics like blogging, freelancing & business. I have online course for aspiring freelancers. And I'm also Instagram obsessed.

I've build my online empire without knowing a thing but learning it all and I truly believe that everyone can do that! That's why I'm here - to share everything I have learned!

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