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Would you love to build passive income that WORK?

Are you done scraping information from all over the place and getting confused about the next step?

Do you have an idea about your passive income streams… but you’re missing the action PLAN?!

After all... are you fine being that person friends ask about "so what exactly are you doing?!"

That last point is inevitable, sorry.


It's time to stop wasting your efforts and improve the way you grow passive income!

The idea of passive income is very welcoming but also… very confusing...

That's where Passive Income Simplified comes in!

DISLAIMER: This is NOT "get rich easy" scheme. Neither it will happen fast. You will have to put in work, effort and patience to see the outcome. But I'm going to show you exact steps to take to make this happen.

A few years ago I created my first online course. It took me around two months of intense work just to find out that my course is, pretty much, a big pile of crap.

It lacked any planning... I didn't bulletproof my idea... The overall concept was kind of nice but also kind of not quite there...

But this course took me on a journey. On a journey where I decided to hack online course creation.

Today, online courses is what I do for a living. I create courses for myself, I help my clients to set up theirs. Everything from the idea to finalized design. From A to Z. I know what different audiences need and what each specific course creator has to understand.

I can tell almost the same story about affiliate marketing.

It seemed so exciting that I got into it head first. With no plan, no real ideas, I just signed up for any and all relevant affiliate marketing programs.

Well... you must've guessed it - I failed. I saw not outcome whatsoever. And I was confused - I've shared so many great links... why no one is making the purchase?!

Eventually, I learned how affiliate marketing starts with a clear plan and focused idea, not signing up for all the programs ever.

And I mastered this field so now I can not only earn passive income through affiliate marketing but also share what I've learned!


Which leads us to this day.

With more and more new bloggers and online entrepreneurs getting interested into passive income, it's even more confusing to actually find YOUR path and understand how to get things done without feeling overwhelmed, without getting too much of the information and still failing.

That is the exact reason why Passive Income Simplified was created.

This course is here to give you exact steps to take. You can still adjust them to your each specific situation! There is no ONE right path. But these actionable tips will GET YOU MOVING! And starting is the hardest part.

Passive Income Simplified is a concept.

A concept of how you CAN build passive income stream that works.

In this course, we are going all in!

You will get a clear action plan to create and grow independent passive income streams that work together in your favor.

The plan includes:

  1. Growing successful affiliate income
  2. Creating stunning online course
  3. Making your dream e-product

Each lesson consists of actionable steps and tips to build a successful passive income stream.

I've also added BONUSES for each module with useful lists, guides and worksheets.


… you already have a blog or you’d love to start one

… you’re interested in creating more than one passive income stream

… you’re all about working SMART not hard

… you’re ready to take the plan I have created and adjust it to your specific needs

"I'm reviewing all this amazing, amazing work Ieva did and just want to say WOW! I am blessed she helped me with this. It's GORGEOUS!"

- Revi Goldwasser, Job Hunting Expert

"Ieva is true professional. She took my ideas and ran with them and the end result was awesome. I would highly recommend her!"

- Dan Vegas, Online Course creator

"Seriously hands down the most pleasant, communicative, skilled and helpful person I've ever worked with. I will definitely work with her again. Super grateful for her flexibility and warm personality, and most of all - her knowledge and skill level! "

- Monica Hershaft, Holistic Health Coach


I have shared proven methods and tips so you can build several passive income streams for yourself.

You don't have to be online-famous, with a few thousand in your account or huge mailing list to get started. You can start from the position you are in right now.

Your Instructor

Ieva Laicane
Ieva Laicane

Hey there, my name is Ieva & my passion is helping others to earn income online.

At the age of 19, I had a though - what if I could earn income while traveling?! So a short blink of an eye later, I became a self-taught freelance designer.

Few years ahead, I'm the author The Random Passion project and I help entrepreneurs to turn their long-term careers into passive income online with Online Course creation!

I have explored plenty of ways to earn passive income and can guarantee you that online course creation is one of the most sustainable and consistent passive income ideas.

I have learnt from my ups and downs, I have worked with plenty of clients online and offline and I know what questions you have and what problems you're facing. Let's tackle it all together and make your dream business come true!


Passive online income gives you security, freedom and stability. Which eventually leads to less stressed and happier life!

Don't miss your chance to get started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous experience to get started?
No! The course is created for entry-level online entrepreneurs and bloggers. It's definitely great if you already have a blog but it's also fine if you don't - the course includes a Bonus guide on how to build your own website.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Have any other questions?
Don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected]