Affiliate Marketing Simplified

Learn bulletproof methods of successful affiliate marketing

Would you like to make money with your blog?

Have you heard about passive income and are ready to see it happening?

Do you need clear and actionable information to get started?

And would you love to be that weirdo by the dinner table who actually has to explain what you're doing more than once without anyone understanding it anyways?

If that sounds anything like you, you've found the right place to be!


Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income sources.

It doesn't request your own product creation. There is no initial investment you should make. And you can share products and services you already love.

Besides that - affiliate income can be both, passive AND consistent. Is there anything better than that?!

DISLAIMER: This is NOT "get rich easy" scheme. Neither it will happen fast. You will have to put in work, effort and patience to see the outcome. But I'm going to show you exact steps to take to make this happen.

Affiliate Marketing Simplified is the perfect fit for you if:

… you’ve just got into blogging and want to start monetizing right away

… you’ve thought about getting into affiliate marketing but haven’t made the leap yet

… you have only basic or very minimal knowledge of affiliate marketing

you’ve tried, you’ve failed - and you’re ready to start from the basics, fresh-in

"Seriously hands down the most pleasant, communicative, skilled and helpful person. Super grateful for her flexibility and warm personality, and most of all - her knowledge and skill level!"

- Monica Hershaft, Holistic Health Coach

This course consists of:

  • More than 10 lessons with presentations and PDFs
  • follow-up emails, to the bone honest insights in my own affiliate marketing efforts and strategies, up-to-date tips and tricks regarding affiliate marketing
  • as well as personal consultations helping you to choose the best fit affiliate programs
  • inspirational samples from other course members!

I have proven tactics, methods and tips to share with you so you can get consistent passive income from affiliate marketing.

To become a successful affiliate, you don't need enormous traffic. I started getting my first affiliate income when I had only around 100 blog views per day.

To generate one good blog post and promote it afterward roughly could take around 3-4 hours. And this one post can lead you to an endless stream of income. When you sleep, when you're on a vacation with your friends or on your maternity leave. Absolutely worth your time investment!

Your Instructor

Ieva Laicane
Ieva Laicane

Hey there, my name is Ieva & my passion is helping others to earn income online.

At the age of 19, I had a though - what if I could earn income while traveling?! So a short blink of an eye later, I became a self-taught freelance designer.

Few years ahead, I'm the author The Random Passion project and I help entrepreneurs to turn their long-term careers into passive income online with Online Course creation!

I have explored plenty of ways to earn passive income and can guarantee you that online course creation is one of the most sustainable and consistent passive income ideas.

I have learnt from my ups and downs, I have worked with plenty of clients online and offline and I know what questions you have and what problems you're facing. Let's tackle it all together and make your dream business come true!


"Outstanding info. Lots of unstoppable value here. Thank you!"

- Rhonda Swan

"A lot of this is super daunting until it's broken down easily like you've done here. Glad I came across this!"

- Alysia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous experience to get started?
No! The course is created for entry-level online entrepreneurs and bloggers. It's suggested that you either have a blog or you're planning to start one since most of the tips are based on blogging.
When does the course start?
It starts now and never ends!
How long do I have access to the course?
You'll have an unlimited access to all course materials, with the option to download all PDFs and guides for further use.
What if I have any questions?
Don't hesitate to contact me anytime: [email protected]

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